Rocky Hill Advisors, Inc. (RHA) is a Massachusetts-registered investment advisor founded in 1997.

Asset Management is our core service.  We provide comprehensive investment advisory services to our clients, a diverse group of individuals, trusts, retirement plans and Native American tribes. Investment Advisory Services: RHA customizes investment portfolio management according to each client’s unique needs and objectives.  Our firm’s primary approach is to use asset allocation strategies that reduce portfolio risk while increasing performance.  We embrace the concept of capital preservation while seeking to realize investment opportunities where and when they present themselves.  RHA is the sponsor of a wrap program.  This program allows us to provide a wealth of services, including management, custody, transaction execution and reporting, all for a single comprehensive fee. (See also included wrap fee schedule). Investment Portfolio Account Review Services: For clients that choose not to utilize RHA for investment portfolio management, this service provides the ability to independently monitor your relationship with your investment manager.  Included in our account review services are a compliance review of the client’s Investment Policy Statement, an evaluation of returns relative to risk, an assessment of overall risk in the portfolio and an analysis of the true cost to the client of its asset management program. Expert Witness Consulting: RHA has developed and implemented an innovative and sophisticated strategy designed to identify and quantify damages resulting from mismanagement of client assets, generally arising within the trustee/beneficiary relationship.  Although used primarily for Native American tribes in both the Court of Federal Claims and the United States District Court, this strategy also applies to the private sector. Since 1997, RHA has been retained by the Native American Rights Fund and several other prominent law firms to provide our expert witness consulting services to assist in the representation of their Native American clients.  Typically, these engagements pertain to actions brought by tribes in the aforementioned federal courts against the United States of America for breach of trust.  RHA has been admitted as an expert in these federal courts, and we have now been engaged on roughly 40 cases impacting 80 tribes or beneficiary groups.  Through this work RHA has developed a detailed understanding of the history of Native American trust fund mismanagement and the critical importance of these funds to their beneficiary groups. RHA has now consulted on and/or participated directly in approximately $2B in settlements on behalf of our Native American clients.

Client Services:

Our sole commitment is to our clients.  Integrity, service and performance are our guiding principles, and we believe a client-centered approach is the only way in which we can achieve these objectives.  Because so many of RHA’s clients have investment needs that change over time, it is imperative that we communicate frequently and with openness.  We make sure we are available daily for consultations, purchase and sale recommendations, trade execution, market updates and to discuss any concerns our clients might have.  We will meet with any of our clients as needed or desired. Investment clients of RHA receive monthly statements and quarterly performance reports, including the details of their asset holdings, current and projected income, transactions and overall performance as measured against relevant benchmarks.  We take pride in the fact that we develop long-term relationships that are built on understanding, respect and trust.
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